Get More Protection for Your Home and Budget

National Advisors Group is proud to offer TotalProtect Home Warranty, the plan that gives you peace of mind, knowing that when any covered item in your home breaks down, one call (or click) can help save the day – and your budget.

It can happen at any time…your heating system breaks down on the coldest day of the year or the washing machine stops working in the middle of the rinse cycle. What are you supposed to do? Who can you call? TotalProtect can be there to help make sure your systems and appliances get fixed promptly, correctly and without destroying your budget.


    Here are just a few reasons why a Cinch home warranty plan is worth it:

    Repairs and replacements can be expensive

    Unexpected expenses can really break your budget. While having a personal finance emergency fund is a good idea, it’s not always easy to achieve. If one of your essential home systems or appliances stop working, a Cinch home warranty plan can help cover the cost to get it repaired (or replaced) — as well as provide you with a qualified service technician to get the job done right.

    Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover it

    While your homeowners insurance protects you from covered perils like fire, property theft and water damage, it won’t cover the repair and replacement of major appliances and systems that break down due to normal wear and tear. Having a Cinch home warranty can help bridge the gap — giving you even more protection for your home and budget.

    Breakdowns are stressful and time-consuming

    With a Cinch home warranty on your side, you’ll have a plan and partner to deal with when one of your covered appliances or systems suddenly stops working. You can request service anytime online or by phone, and Cinch will assign one of their pre-screened, licensed technicians to diagnose and remedy the problem. You can relax because Cinch helps pay the bill and your covered repair is backed by a 180-day workmanship guarantee.

    Three affordable plans to choose from…

    Depending on your needs and budget, you can cover your appliances, your systems or both. The Appliances Plan covers items like your refrigerator, oven, clothes washer and dryer and more. The Built-in Systems plan covers your home’s heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems. Or, you can choose the Complete Home Plan that provides coverage for both your appliances and systems at an affordable price!

    Rest assured, the experts at National Advisors Group are standing by to help find the plan that works best for you.


    * Cinch Home Services, Inc. plans are not insurance and not available in all states; subject to sales tax where applicable. Cinch Home Services, Inc. is not affiliated in any way with National Advisors Group, its affiliates, or subsidiaries. Cinch is a registered mark of Cinch Home Services, Inc.

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